Vladimir A. Golovin

    +7 (727) 250-77-96

    Graduate of the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute Vladimir A. Golovin arrived to work on the distribution to “Kazakhskiy Promtransproekt” in 1976. He started his career as an engineer in Department of Mechanization and Farm Maintenance.

    Vladimir A. Golovin participated in development of General Schemes of the industrial transport of a number of industrial areas and sites, in design of speed transport system experimental “magnetic levitation” plot in Almaty, in design of non-standard equipment for various purposes.

    He proved himself as an executive, thinking engineer with good organizational skills. Vladimir A. Golovin quickly rose from Senior, Leading engineer to Head of Planning and Production Department in 1983.

    In 1994 he was promoted to Deputy Director of the Institute with duties of the Financial Planning Division Chief.

    In May 2008 on Association general meeting Vladimir A. Golovin was elected the Chairman of the Association and the Director of Design and Survey Institute “Kazakhskiy Promtransproekt “ in accordance with the Charter.


    Peter G. Efimchenko

      +7 (727) 266-52-70

      Graduated in 1985 the specialty of paths and communications civil engineer of “Transport Engineers Institute ” in Almaty.

      Peter G. Efimchenko has been working in Institute since 1988. Starting from the position of Department of Survey and Transport Design engineer, he worked as a Leading engineer, Chief of the Technical Supervision Group, Chief engineer of projects at the facilities:

      • “Construction of the Shar-Ust-Kamenogorsk railway line”,
      • “Transport interchanges at the crossing of Al-Farabi Ave. Furmanov street and Zharokova street “,
      • “Construction of the Eastern bypass Almaty highway “.

      Since 2008, he worked as Head of Survey and Transport Design Department.

      Since 2015 – Deputy Director of the Institute.


      Evgeniy V. Bolshedvorskiy

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        Evgeniy Bolshedvorskiy’s Biography


        Igor A. Sukhov

          +7 (727) 392-18-32

          Igor A. Sukhov works in Institute since 1982. When he joined the Institute, he passed all stages of Design Engineer career: Senior engineer, Chief of Survey party, Leading engineer, Chief engineer of the project, Head of the Department.

          A number of projects were developed under his leadership and direct participation:

          • “Arrangement of the Kashagan field. Driveway to the plant railroad of Integrated Oil and Gas AGIP KCO”,
          • “Reconstruction of the Astana-Kostanay-Chelyabinsk  highway”,
          • transport interchanges in Almaty at the intersection of Sain str. – Raiymbek ave. and Abay ave., Zhandosov str. –  Satpayev str.,
          • as well as several other projects.

          Since 2005, Igor A. Sukhov works as Chief engineer of the Institute.


          Yuriy M. Belan

            +7 (727) 266-52-87

            Yuriy M. Belan graduated from the Novosibirsk Railway Transport Engineering Institute in 1971, specializing in the communications and construction engineering. After serving in the army since 1973, he worked in “Almaatagiprotrans”, where he rose from an engineer, Senior engineer, Head of the Survey party, Head of the Construction Management Project group, Сhief engineer of projects.

            He took part in the exploration and design of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. Since 1999 he worked in “Transproject-K” as Chief Project Engineer of “Khromtau-Altynsarin” railway line.

            In “Kazakhskiy Promtransproekt” Yuriy M. Belan has been working since 2006 in the position of Chief Project Engineer and Deputy Chief engineer of the Institute. Chief Engineer of the projects:

            • Railway transport of the Industrial Zone in Karaganda;
            • A new section of the The Zhetygen-Khorgos railway line;
            • A new section of the The Zhezkazgan-Saksaulskaya railway line;
            • Special Economic Zone “Khorgos-Eastern Gate”.

            He was awarded the medal “For the construction of BAM” and the Order “Kurmet”.


            Vladimir V. Pechorin

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              Vladimir V. Pechorin Biography