Transport junction at the intersection of Ryskulov ave. – Sain str.

Traffic junction in three levels according to the type of complete “cloverleaf” with direct left turn.

The project envisages the construction of an overpass on Sain str. and direct left turn on the overpass.

Due to the cramped conditions made small radii of left and right turn slope.

The disadvantage of this scheme is:

  • a small radius at the slope in terms of P – 25.0 m.

The advantages of this option are:

– The possibility of making left turns and reversals from any direction;

– Clear and familiar to drivers scheme of movement;

– Ensuring basic traffic flows by shortest lanes.

– The maximum slope is 54 ‰ in the longitudinal profile.

The area occupied by the junction is 141 400 m2.

Estimated speed:

  • on Ryskulov ave. – 80 km/h;
  • on Sain str. – 80 km/h.

Number of lanes:

  • on Ryskulov ave. – 6;
  • on Sain str. – 6.

The width of the lanes: 3,75 – 4,0 m.

The total length of the overpass with the approaches: 433,615 m;

The length of the overpass on Sain str.: 36,7 m;

New road pavement: 77377 m².

Under-rack space: 3880 m²;

The volume of excavation: 457765 m³;

  • mound – 252429 m³;
  • recess – 205336 m³;

The width of the sidewalks: 2,25-3,0 m.

The area of pavements: 11770 m².

The length of the ditches: 3144 l.m.