Highway Astana – Schuchinsk (first category)

The project of the highway “Astana – Schuchinsk” on site “Makinsk – Schuchinsk”, km 184 – km 230.3 was performed by “Kazakh Promtransproekt”.

The area provides for construction of a new additional lane and reconstruction of the existing band with bringing the road to 1 technical category.

The length of the section is 46.262 km.

Construction also provides the following facilities:

Bridge over Sukhaya, Kairakty and Kylshakty rivers;

Overpass over the railway near Makinsk and Shuchinsk cities;

Overpass over a highway near Makinsk and Shuchinsk cities;

Reinforced-concrete culverts of various apertures – 51 pcs.