In accordance with current architectural standards and rules, Kazpromtransproekt carries out the facilities under construction on the Institute project supervision (architectural supervision) – highways, railways, artificial structures, repair and warehousing buildings and constructions, etc.

Architectural supervision was carried out during the entire period of construction and completed construction projects acceptance to ensure the technical and techno-economic performance compliance of commissioned construction facilities with decisions and indicators provided in the projects to ensure the erected buildings and structures quality and their estimated cost compliance. Construction supervision is imposed to the project main engineers, authors, sections, and the other professionals participated in design by the Institution order. During construction process the supervision participants examine performed works compliance under the buildings and structures construction according to the design decisions, provided by the working drawings. Technology compliance (including the construction organizing projects), construction and installation works, technological and other types of equipment installation quality, compliance with the fire and explosion safety rules of premises and facilities in construction buildings.

Arising questions on design and estimate documentation, materials or structures certain types and equipment replacement in architectural supervision implementation were timely solved in construction process. The design and estimate documentation deviations, building codes and specifications violations on construction works production identified during construction, are recorded in the architectural supervision journal; the instructions to eliminate detected defects are given. In case of directives recorded in the journal default, the measures until the termination of funding were taken (for example, the detection of serious deficiencies during the road Kayraktinskogo mining and processing plant construction process). Employees engaged in architectural supervision, visited the construction objects within the periods provided in the approved plans terms, schedules, and also on contractor’ special challenges. On completion of construction the architectural supervision groups were involved as a part of acceptance commissions in separate critical structures (supports, bridge spans, bearing steel and reinforced concrete structures, etc.) and the object in general reception by the customer.