The purpose of SEZ “Khorgos – Eastern Gate” is the creation of transport and logistics and industrial center, using the transit potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan. SEZ “Khorgos – Eastern Gate” on the border with China occupies a strategically favorable location for the development of multi-modal logistics, large-scale industrial productions and trade. The favorable geographical location in the land corridor between Europe and Asia, the attractiveness of this route as an economical and low-cost alternative transit corridor in South-East Asia – China – Central Asia – Europe and markets: the Customs Union countries, Europe and China – will contribute to economic development and provide social benefits to the region.

The SEZ operates in close connection with the Altynkol station and Western Europe – Western China motorway.

The Dry Port was put into operation in July 2015 and now is the SEZ’s key link, which provides a rail communication with the Altynkol station.

The construction of SEZ’s engineering infrastructure is at the final stage.

CEZ “Khorgos Eastern Gate”

Global location

The special economic zone “Khorgos – Eastern Gate” (600 and 4,500 reserved hectares) is strategically located on the border between Kazakhstan and China on the Kazakh territory. The SEZ is established to enhance the export-transit potential of Kazakhstan in the Eurasian region, to develop competencies in the field of global logistics and to attract foreign investments.

Dry port

Key element of the The SEZ is a dry port, which contains several terminals for handling narrow-gauge railway on the broad one as well as on road transport and is a developing multi-modal logistics hub whose services represent a variety of cargo handling operations, such as carload and container operations, cargoes transfers, terminal handling, additional logistic services.

Multimodal logistic zone

The logistic Zone is located in the area adjacent to the dry port / rail freight terminal. This facility includes various warehouses, bases for distribution and storage which are located in different areas in order to meet national, regional and international needs. Area zone is 225 hectares, the volume of logistics space varies from 10 to 50 thousand sq.m., depending on their functions.

Industrial zone

There, in the industrial zone the end-users will be located; and the objects of agricultural and food industry, light industry of the production of leather and fur raw materials of primary processing, heavy industry of the production of metal products, as well as facilities for the assembly of machines and equipment.