Bayev Alexander I.

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    The main purpose of the technical department is carrying out a unified technical policy aimed to achieve high technical indicators of designed complex objects and individual projects.

    Department’ activity is guided by the requirements of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

    ⇒ “On Architecture, Construction and Urban Development”
    ⇒ “On technical regulation”
    ⇒ “On road traffic safety”
    ⇒ “On the highways”
    ⇒ “On Environmental Protection”
    ⇒ “On protection and use of historical and cultural heritage “
    ⇒ “On sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population”
    and other normative documents.

    Technical department as a division of the Institute is directly involved in design estimates documentation development, it performs quality control of the design decisions by the inspection of the projects, provides the design process with the necessary technical information.

    Technical department is supervised by chief engineer of the Institute. The employees of engineering department are highly qualified specialists with solid practical experience in construction and development of various projects.