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Kazakh President's Decree of November 29, 2011 № 187 About creation of special economic zone "Khorgos - Eastern Gate"
Kazakh President visited the International Center for cross-border Cooperation Khorgos and SEZ Khorgos Eastern Gate


We offer the following services in the design of new construction, renovation, conversions:


Design Institute “Kazakhskiy Promtransproekt" has managed to keep the skeleton staff of experienced designers, and currently is being actively replenished by talented young professionals, graduates who are ready to solve any of the most complex production problems. You can be a part of our team. Visit our JOBS page to find out more information about open positions in KAZPTP.


Institute "Kazakhskiy Promtransproekt" - the oldest and one of the largest design and survey organizations of industrial transport in the Central Asian region - was formed in 1958. Many facilities in Kazakhstan, all the republics of Central Asia, as well as in Russia and Lithuania were built on the projects of the Institute.

History of any company has its remarkable dates when the past activities are being summarized, the results are being assessed, the most interesting and important periods are being recalled, when the difficulties and problems are forgotten and everything positive and good is perceived brighter. In 2018, we have celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of interesting and intense work of our Institute.

We are proud to note that “Kazakhskiy Promtransproekt" has made ​​a significant contribution to industrial development of huge region - of all Central Asia.

Thousands kilometers of railways and roads in conjunction with all the necessary facilities and arrangements: bridges, overpasses and transport interchanges, transportation service companies (locomotive and wagon depot, equipment units, garages, and track- and road-repair points) - were build on our projects. Also many logistics centers in public procurement system of the national economy were built on our design.

The Institute has developed external transport projects for significant part of industrial enterprises in Kazakhstan, including Karaganda Metallurgical Combine, Leninogorsk and Irtysh Polymetallic complexes,Dzhezkazgan Mining and Metallurgical Combine, chemical plants in Dzhambul and Shymkent, "Karagandaugol" association, Lead-Zinc, Titanium and Magnesium complexes in Ust-Kamenogorsk, and for many other large and small companies.

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During its existence the Institute "Kazakhskiy Promtransproekt" has developed over

projects and feasibility studies


kilometers of railways and roads


artificial structures projects


urban interchanges and highways projects