Taishev Shukhrat Y.

    +7 (727) 392-18-27

    Department has developed over two thousand projects. Among the performed works are large and complex calculations for the transport networks of the largest enterprises in Kazakhstan:

    ⇒ “Karmetkombinat”, Leninogorsk and Irtysh Polymetallic complexes,
    ⇒ Dzhezkazgan Mining and Metallurgical Combine,
    ⇒ chemical plants in Dzhambul and Shymkent,
    ⇒ lead-zinc and titanium-magnesium plants in Ust-Kamenogorsk,
    ⇒ and many other large and small companies.

    Department is profiling and leading division of the Institute. The main organizing role in the design process belongs to Department of transportation.

    Department has designed thousands of kilometers of railways and roads both industrial and general use, hundreds of road interchanges on highways and urban roads.

    Each work begins with survey – fieldwork, expeditions. To conduct the most accurate and successful research the survey parties are equipped with modern electronic measuring devices, communications equipment, including satellite, off-highway vehicle, personal computers, printing and copying machines, as well as everything is needed to create normal everyday conditions.

    The department is staffed by 28 professionals of railroad and motor transport high-specification , so any complex task well within their range.

    Currently, the department is developing a new Zhetygen – Korgas railway stations design, which will open the rail link along the Silk Road, and few transport interchange projects in Almaty and Ashgabat.