Temirtau industrial area railway transport development

Accommodation in the industrial area of ferrous metallurgy enterprises, chemical and energy industries, building materials and construction industry with total amount of transportations about 40 million tonnes per year led to the necessity of building, expansion and reconstruction of 11 railway stations, including one marshalling yard (Zhana-Aul) and three parcel stations (Bolshaya Metallurgicheskaya, Temirtau, Uglerudnaya), as well as construction of new sections of the railway and removal of existing routes outside of the construction zone.

The following progressive technical solutions were realized in accordance with the completed projects:

⇒ gravity hump mechanization and automation;
⇒ electric propulsion on the AC 27 kV;
⇒ wagons preparation mechanized point;
⇒ office, domestic and administrative buildings blocking;
⇒ documentation electronic exchange, industrial television;
⇒ train, maneuverable, cargo and commercial work information support.

The railway transport development in Pavlodar Industrial Area

The construction of chemical plant, oil refinery, aluminum and tractor plants, three thermal power plants, development of river ports, industry enterprises construction and the other facilities were the motivating factors of railway transport development in the industrial area.

Technological and technical requirements, performance standards and other factors determined the decision to build four major freight railway stations of regional value (Pavlodar-Yuzhnyi, Pavlodar-Severnyi, Pavlodar-port, Tractornaya) and six stations for transport services of separate groups of companies, as well as connecting and bypass railways.

Innovative solutions are similar to the Temirtau industrial area: electric centralization, mechanization and automation of gravity humps, washing and steaming station for tanks, mechanical points of wagons preparation, etc.

Driveway railroad to the Borlinskiy coal pit in Karaganda region

Estimated turnover of the first stage of field development is 5.1 million tonnes per year.

The total length of railway is 86 km.

The local railway to Kuu-Chekinskiy coal mine, completely renovated in accordance with the project, is used at the initial part of the road (22 km).

The railway is a constituent part of the isometric rail line Ekibastuz – Karaganda, therefore its technical parameters and infrastructure (stations, communications and signaling system devices, objects of locomotive and wagon economy, etc.) are made according to the norms and requirements of the railway of second technical category of general network.

The road is designed and built within four years.

Special attention paid to compliance with environmental regulations and requirements in design and construction of driveway railroad, because the route of this road passes close to the sanitary protection zone of the Irtysh channel – Karaganda and double-crosses it.

Driveway to the railroad Tugnuisky place of coal open pit extraction in the Buryat Republic

The total length of the railroad driveway is 90 km.

Lime pit and forestry administration driveways based on their reconstruction have been used in the initial section of Chelutay –Shabur.

Construction of second exit on the Trans-Siberian Railway in the Petrovsky Zavod station area is planning in future.

Electrification of the railway on the 27 kV, electrical centralization of switches and signals on a new element base, remote management of all energy facilities from Ulan-Ude station, the maximum service, technical, and administrative buildings blocking, and circulating water supply are advanced technical solutions.

Beineu-Mangyshlak railway line strengthening

The need to strengthen the railway line caused by the placement of oil refinery, oil and gas and chemical industries, the expansion of the seaport of Aktau and the road flooding due to the increased level of the Caspian Sea in the region.

The length of the railway line is 404 km.

Feasibility study with recommendations to perform work on the broadening of the roadbed, replacing a number of artificial structures, total superstructure reconstruction of the main ways, equipment the lines with centralized traffic control devices on new element base is completed.

Reconstruction of four district stations is provided.

The construction of a mechanized hump, wagons preparation point, equipment and sludge-distance of passenger coaches point, point of repair and track maintenance of diesel trains for suburban traffic, etc. are recommended at the Mangyshlak station.

Railway path to Shubarkol coal mine

The railway line stretching 115 km with abutting the Kyzyl-Zhar station located on the railway line Zharyk – Zhezkazgan was designed by Kazpromtransproekt due to the Shubarkol coal deposit development and the coal pit opening in the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan.

Plan, longitudinal section, the effective length of station tracks and roadbed basic parameters were adopted according to the norms SNiP 11-39-76 for roads of second technical category in connection with a possible extension of this railway to the Arkalyk station.

The project provided the Kyzyl-Zhar abutting station development, construction of two new stations in the area of the field location, two trips and three overpasses at the intersection of five highways and bridges.

All designed stations planned to be equipped with the electrical centralization switches and signals devices, modern communications, and the stretches – with semi-automatic locking devices.

Construction of necessary service and technical buildings and structures of the locomotive, carriage and track-repair economy and purchase of modern technological equipment have been provided to repair and maintain rolling equipment and routes. In addition, construction of mechanized cleaning and repair item for 1000 carriage a day have been provided for the coal wagons preparation.

By now construction of this railroad mostly completed, and goods traffic is carried out.